What to Expect

A visitor's guide to First CRC – Fremont


We believe that if you are looking at this page, God has led you here for a reason. You are welcome at First CRC!

Many potential visitors wonder what to expect at a church the first time they visit. Out of fear, many do not come. This page is designed to give a snapshot of what our church is like to eliminate this fear.

We are a very friendly church that welcomes all people. Plan on people greeting you and asking you your name; people will want to get to know you. Our church family has a good mix of members of all age groups and walks of life, yet is small enough to appreciate visitors.

Some people wonder what to wear to church. Most people wear what is considered business casual. Some people wear jeans; others wear suits. Wear what you have and what you feel comfortable in. Don't let clothes stop you from worshipping with us.

When arriving, there is ample parking with close barrier free entrances. As you enter through the north and south main entrances, you will be welcomed by our greeters. Plan on arriving 3-5 minutes before worship starts. Many people arrive early to prepare their hearts for worship. We have ushers who will assist you in finding a seat and give you the order of worship.

The morning worship is a blend of traditional and current music styles. Our musicians are all ages and include both vocalists and instrumentalists. We use a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, and percussion. Biblically based messages are delivered with printed outlines for note taking. Many times, multimedia presentations are included to aid the delivery of the message.

Toward the middle of worship, an offering will be received where people make their financial gifts. Visitors are not expected to give; however, if you are led to give, we will gladly receive your gift.  Our members commit annually to our ministry plan and give throughout the year to support that ministry plan. Our ministry plan includes local, regional, and global ministries.

After worship, everyone is invited to socialize over a cup of coffee or juice and snacks that have been provided by the church members. Stay, have something to drink, eat a snack, and enjoy getting to know the people of First CRC better.

The evening service is similar to the morning service with piano or organ accompaniment. We often welcome people from other churches who appreciate an evening worship time.  Our prayer time includes the opportunity to share prayer requests.  An offering is received for a designated cause.